How to perform create, retrieve, update and delete using Redux

If you are new to the Redux world and wondering how to perform the operations on the store especially when the object that is stored in the redux has nested dynamic keys, stay tuned and I will explain step-by-step how you can achieve it.

Before we jump into code, let me present you with an example where you might need to operate on dynamic keys. Let’s take the analogy of a library. In the library, you have multiple bookshelves and on each shelf, you have multiple books and each book can contain its own information such as title, author, date…

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If you are building an electron app for the first time, it might be a bit confusing to comprehend that doing something as simple as opening a web page in the browser from your app isn’t straight forward.

A quick web search, will return lots of results pointing you to a single line of code that can be used for opening a link in the browser. It goes something like this.


The above snippet does work but the catch is that it should be called from main process of the Electron app. …

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Storybook serves as a fruitful platform for both developers and designers. A designer can review the designs of basic components on the go and can share feedback. Also, for a developer, it is a unified platform to store all the building blocks of an app. Sketch is a widely used application by designers to create mockups. This article is a step-by-step guide to convert the storybook stories into a Sketch file.

The first step is to install the sketch addon:

yarn add -D storybook-addon-sketch
# or
npm i --save storybook-addon-sketch

Once you have the addon installed, you need to register…

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Ehh…whatever!! No…it’s boring!! That’s not a real task!!

These might be the phrases that come to any Engineer's mind when someone talks about technical or non-tech documentation. In this article, I aim to change that perspective and will introduce and provide a comparison of some really good documentation tools that can be used by both product and engineering teams.

Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.

- Damian Conway

What is a documentation tool?

In simple words, the tool can be a go-to place for anyone on your team to get the answers of how, when, and why of the…

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We all had a rough year because of this pandemic but let's not forget some of the good things that happened in the web development world in 2020. This blog summarises some of the new and popular things introduced in the last year and takeaways from them. By the end of this post, I hope you will get to know something new and exciting.

Let’s start with some cool new tools you should be definitely looking forward to using in the coming year:


It is a Javascript bundler.

Now, you may be thinking what so special about it, right? …

I started contributing to Kiwix in January on a project called MWoffliner. Kiwix is an open-source organization that is an offline reader for online content like Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, or TED Talks to ensure information accessibility to individuals with no or restricted web access.

MWoffliner is one of the main projects handled by the Kiwix which is a nodeJs application that enables the bundling of Wikipedia and other websites for offline use. For eg, it can scrape the whole content in a run and provide an offline version of that in a file that can be accessed anywhere.


  • Custom…

Have you ever wondered/questioned/wished that how many code of lines you can save by escaping the if-else hell?? Well, isn’t it every coder wish to make their code look cleaner and optimised?. This article will help you understand some ways where you can actually reduce the number of lines in your code by eliminating the regular If-else syntax and writing some cool and optimised stuff.

I am going to go through various examples that I have learned from my experience:

Example 1: Returning boolean without using true/false keywords.

function getName(name) {  
return name.indexOf('John') > -1 ? true : false;
getName('John Doe');
// It Will return true


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